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  1. Beitrag in Sammelband
    A Development of Web-Based Training using Simulation and Gaming as a Tool for Nurse Education
    Chaisanit, Settachai; Meeanan, Luddawan; Tra-ngansri, Apichai 2019
  2. Beitrag in Sammelband
    cSIMINSOC as a tool for the study of group phenomena
    Kakimoto, Toshikatsu; Ando, Kaori; Hosono, Fumio 2019
  3. Monografie
    Simulations of Decision-Making as Active Learning Tools Design and Effects of Political Science Simulations
    Bursens, Peter; Donche, Vincent; Gijbels, David; Spooren, Pieter 2018
  4. Sammelband
    Simulation Gaming Application for Sustainable Cities and Smart Infrastructures
    Lukosch, Heide (Hg.); Bekebrede, Geertje (Hg.); Kortmann, Rens (Hg.) 2018
  5. Zeitschriftenartikel
    A Scientific Foundation of Simulation Games for the Analysis and Design of Complex Systems
    Lukosch, Heide; Lukosch, Stephan G.; Bekebrede, Geertje; Kurapati, Shalini 2018
  6. Beitrag in Sammelband
    Designing Disaster Diplomacy in the Context of a Climate Change Water Game
    Muricho Onencan, Abby; Van de Walle, Bartel 2018