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  1. Sammelband
    Bonds & Bridges Facing the Challenges of the Globalizing World with the Use of Simulation and Gaming
    Bielecki, Witold (Hg.),; Gandziarowska-Ziołecka, Jagoda (Hg.),; Pikos, Anna (Hg.),; Wardaszko, Marcin (Hg.), 2012
  2. Sammelband
    Games: virtual worlds and reality Selected Papers of ISAGA 2008
    Bagdonas, Eugenijus (Hg.),; Patasiene, Irena (Hg.), 2009
  3. Sammelband
    Games and Simulations in Business Learning and Teaching
    Bielecki, Witold (Hg.),; Wardaszko, Marcin (Hg.), 2009
  4. Sammelband
    Gaming, Simulations, and Society Research Scope and Perspective
    Shiratori, Rei (Hg.),; Arai, Kiyoshi (Hg.),; Kato, Fumitoshi (Hg.), 2005