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A Model for the Development of Stealth Serious Games.

Cuesta Aguiar, Victor A.; Nakano, Masaru (2018):

In: Heide Lukosch; Geertje Bekebrede; Rens Kortmann (Hg.): Simulation Gaming. Application for Sustainable Cities and Smart Infrastructures. 48th International Simulation and Gaming Association Conference, ISAGA 2017. Cham, Switzerland: Springer International Publishing AG , S. 139 - 147.

In this paper, a model for serious game (SG) development is presented
and explained along with a definition of stealth serious games (SSG).
A systemic review on existing models is performed; based on the existing
model’s deficiencies and the researchers’ previous experience in the development
of SG the SSG model is created and explained. To observe how a SSG
developed with the SSG Model would behave, “Chain of Command: A Sustainable
Supply Chain Management Stealth Serious Game” is developed and
tested. The developed SG is tested on 4 metrics: replay value, education, fun and
simple vs realistic. The SSG model is successful in helping to develop a SSG
that performs acceptably. Further validation of the SSG model is still required.


Serious, Game, Model, Sustainable, Supply, Chain, Management, Stealth, games, Replay, value, Learning

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