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From Entertainment to Seriousness.

Freese, Maria; Lukosch, Heide; Tiemersma, Simon (2020):

How to translate Entertainment Games into Simulation Games.

In: Tobias Alf; Christian Hühn; Birgit Zürn; Friedrich Trautwein (Hg.): Planspiele - Anders denken. Kreative Ansätze, gelebte Wissenschaft. Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH (ZMS-Schriftenreihe, Band 12), S. 29-41.

In this paper, we discuss how the development of simulation games can benefit
from successful elements in entertainment games. Therefore, we will describe the entertainment
game Citadels (Faidutti 2000) and inform about the related development
process of the simulation game MachiaCELLi. MachiaCELLi is a physical simulation
game that is being used in the interface between research and policy making. The
focus of our contribution is on the analysis of the game mechanics of Citadels, our
considerations and transfer of selected mechanics to MachiaCELLi, as well as the
adjustments of the learning mechanics, and the inclusion of a debriefing phase. The
paper concludes with a discussion of lessons learned and recommendations for future


ZMS-Schriftenreihe, Game, Debriefing

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