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Game Science:Foundations and Perspectives.

Kriz, Willy C.; Harviainen, J. Tuomas; Clapper, Timothy C. (2018):

In: Simulation & Gaming, H. Vol. 49 (3), S. 199-206.

Background: Game studies offer cross-disciplinary perspectives, but the body
of knowledge is not yet in the form of a cohesive game science paradigm.
Klabbers (2018a) argues that a comprehensive and coherent view on game
science is needed that connects three levels of inquiry: the philosophy of
science level, the science level, and the application level.

Aim: This single-theme symposium issue On the Architecture of Game Science is
especially devoted to the reflection and discussion on the foundations and
principles of gaming and simulation.

Method: Raising a debate among scholars and professionals, addressing the
questions and frame-of-reference presented in the introductory article of
Klabbers (2018a) and completed by his rebuttal.

Results: The contributions range from the linkages between game science and
complex social systems design through gaming simulation, to gamification
science, and game studies, focusing on the ludosphere and the growing
field of digital games.

Conclusion: The articles present an overview of the current state of the art, craft,
and science of gaming simulation, gamification and game studies. They present a
stimulating and challenging debate, and a good basis for advancing the principles
and foundations of game science.


complex, systems, Design, Gamification, Game, studies, ludosphere, methodology, of, Gaming, Simulation, philosophy, science

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