Our program on the 33rd European Gaming And Simulation Forum

17/18 June, 2021, online

We have put together familiar and new formats for our first online event. It was eventful!

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We are planning to start our digital conference with an interaction or an exciting keynote speech for all participants.

Be surprised what you will experience...

  • ... a joint game?
  • ... a celebrity guest?
  • ... something completley different?

In any case, the introduction to the conference will be something special.


Celebration 20 years of SAGSAGA

The Swiss Austrian German Simulation And Gaming Association (SAGSAGA) was founded in 2001. We are celebrating it's 20th anniversary at the first digital simulation and gaming forum.

The celebration programm ist not yet completed. Your ideas and active participation are very welcome!

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Interactive Workshops

In the workshops, interactive content is developed in 45 or 90 minutes together with the participants. The focus is not on a concrete business game, but rather on elements of the seminar concept, the methodical enrichment of seminars, the integration into the learning context or small, flexible games.

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Science talk

As the name suggests, the Science Talk is where researchers from the community have their say. They present their current research activities and point out what is happening in the business game scene scientifically. But this is not in the form of lectures, but in a personal conversation with our moderators* "on the couch". We present:

  • Applicants and winners of the German Simulation and Gaming Award 2021
  • PhD students
  • Researchers from universities and research institutions

If you also have something to speak about, fill out the Call for Contributions!

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Best practice talk

In our best practice talk, exciting projects with simulation games are presented. Experiences with digitally conducted simulation events are reported in interviews. It is about exercises, evaluation methods or other tools that have proven themselves in the digital space. In our best practice talk, our participants present their ideas, discuss stumbling blocks or positive experiences in conversation with one of our team of moderators.

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Innovation Space

Our "Innovation Space" is a "Take away Space / Marketplace for ready-to-use methods", which is partly organized and partly spontaneous, following the motto "my gift for you". In breakout sessions the participants present small tools (each in 10-15'), which the participants can immediately "take away" and use. If you already have an idea for your take away, you can tell us about it when you register. We are also happy about spontaneous actions at the conference.


Gamedating and Playground

Of course, our popular format should not be missing from our online event. Getting to know games in fast forward and then playing one of them - that is the core idea of "Gamedating und Playground".

  • "Gamedating": You take a tour through six different virtual rooms. In each room you will get to know a business game in a short presentation. The participants change rooms every 8 minutes and get an impression of all six games.
  • Afterwards you go to the "Playground":  In one hour you can intensively experience and play one of the games. The choice is yours!
German Simulation and Gaming Award

Awards ceremony of the German Simulation And Gaming Award 2021

This is the festive highlight of the conference. All awardees of the GSAGA-competition 2021 are honoured for their excellent academic theses in the field of Simulation and Gaming by the jury members.

Here, you find more information on it.