Organiser of the S&G Forum is SAGSAGA - Swiss Austrian German Simulation And Gaming Association. Responsibile for content and organization is the Centre for Management Simulation (ZMS) at DHBW Stuttgart. The combination of the know how of both institutions enables the look at the innovations and the facet richness of the method.


SAGSAGA (Swiss Austrian German Simulation And Gaming Association) is the S&G-Association in German speaking countries. It involves about 200 personal and institutional members of education, science and business.

As service and research centre, ZMS intensifies and optimizes the usage of simulation games at the Faculty of Business of the DHBW Stuttgart. The ZMS with its wide range of tasks and projects is a significant centre of excellence for S&G. It is well established in the university sector as well as in national and international S&G networks.

Program committee

The program of the Forum is issued through a Call for Contributions and arranged by the program committee.

The program committee consists of:

Tobias Alf

Daniel Bartschat

Simon Hahn

Dr. Sebastian Schwägele 

Birgit Zürn