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  1. Full text available Input in P+ - The Blog
    Strategiemeeting - ZMS 2025
    Bartschat, Daniel,; Zürn, Birgit,; Hühn, Christian, 2018
  2. Article in edited volume
    Assessing the Residential Energy Rebound Effect by Means of a Serious Game
    Garcia, Oscar Garay,; van Daalen, Els,; Chappin, Emile,; van Nuland, Bas,; Mohammed, Iman,; Enserink, Bert, 2018
  3. Article in edited volume
    Maritime Spatial Planning – A Board Game for Stakeholder Involvement
    Keijser, Xander,; Ripken, Malena,; Warmelink, Harald,; Abspoel, Lodewijk,; Fairgrieve, Rhona,; Mayer, Igor, 2018
  4. Article in edited volume
    The Effects of Debriefing on the Performance and Attitude of Japanese University Students
    Kikkawa, Toshiko,; Sugiura, Junkichi,; Kriz, Willy C., 2018
  5. Edited volume
    Simulation Gaming Application for Sustainable Cities and Smart Infrastructures
    Lukosch, Heide (Hg.),; Bekebrede, Geertje (Hg.),; Kortmann, Rens (Hg.), 2018
  6. Article in edited volume
    Designing Disaster Diplomacy in the Context of a Climate Change Water Game
    Muricho Onencan, Abby,; Van de Walle, Bartel, 2018