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  1. Full text with costs Journal article
    Philosophy and Simulation
    Crookall, David 2011
  2. Full text with costs Journal article
    Acting, Knowing, Learning, Simulating, Gaming
    Crookall, David,; Thorngate, Waren, 2009
  3. Request for copy Article in edited volume
    Creating a cumulative science of simulation
    Wolfe, Joseph,; Crookall, David, 1996
  4. Full text available Article in edited volume
    Cross-Cultural Communication, Language Learning, Multimedia and Simulation/Gaming a Case-Study
    Sutherland, Janet,; Crookall, David,; Arai, Kiyoshi,; Bisters, Valdis,; Gracia-Carbonell, Amparo,; Gruntsev, Alexander,; Kaschitsin, Vladimir,; Mak, Linda,; Sunderman, Paula,; Teach, Richard,; Watts, Frances, 1994
  5. Edited volume
    Global Interdependence Simulation and Gaming Perspectives
    Crookall, David (Hg.),; Arai, Kiyoshi (Hg.), 1992