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  1. Article in edited volume
    Gaming/Simulation as an interactive Intervention for Change
    Geurts, Jac,; Stoppelenburg, Annemieke,; de Caluwé, Leon, 2014
  2. Full text available Article in edited volume
    The Discipline of the Policy Exercise
    Duke, Richard,; Geurts, Jac, 2004
  3. Monograph
    Changing organisations with gaming/simulation
    Geurts, Jac,; de Caluwé, Leon,; Stoppelenburg, Annemieke, 2000
  4. Article in edited volume
    Simulation/Gaming for Participatory Policy-Making
    Joldersma, Cisca,; Geurts, Jac, 2000
  5. Edited volume
    Verkenningen in beleidsanalyse
    Geurts, Jac (Hg.),; Vennix, Jac (Hg.), 1989
  6. Request for copy Article in edited volume
    Integrating managerial perspectives: Application of a gaming/simulation to the (re)design of a management information system
    Geurts, Jac,; van Wierst, Pieter W.M.,; Hooyberg, Robert,; de Klerk, Peter,; Duke, Richard, 1988