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  1. Article in edited volume
    Attitude Measurement with Board Games in Transportation Nodes
    Kurapati, Shalini,; Freese, Maria,; Kourounioti, Ioanna,; Lukosch, Heide,; Bekebrede, Geertje,; Smit, Thijs,; van Meijeren, Jaco,; van Nuland, Bas,; van Veen, Linda, 2018
  2. Edited volume
    Simulation Gaming Application for Sustainable Cities and Smart Infrastructures
    Lukosch, Heide (Hg.),; Bekebrede, Geertje (Hg.),; Kortmann, Rens (Hg.), 2018
  3. Journal article
    A Scientific Foundation of Simulation Games for the Analysis and Design of Complex Systems
    Lukosch, Heide,; Lukosch, Stephan G.,; Bekebrede, Geertje,; Kurapati, Shalini, 2018
  4. Article in edited volume
    Microgames in Practice: A Case Study in Container Terminal Operations
    Kurapati, Shalini,; Groen, Daan,; Lukosch, Heide,; Verbraeck, Alexander, 2014
  5. Article in edited volume
    The Future of Gaming: Challenges for Designing distributed Games
    Lukosch, Heide,; Bekebrede, Geertje, 2014
  6. Article in edited volume
    A Serious Game Design Combining Simulation and Sandbox Approaches
    Lukosch, Heide,; van Bussel, Roy,; Meijer, Sebastiaan, 2014
  7. Article in edited volume
    Building a Virtual World for Team Work Improvement
    Lukosch, Heide,; van Nuland, Bas,; van Ruijven, Theo,; van Veen, Linda,; Verbraeck, Alexander, 2014
  8. Article in edited volume
    Effects of a Game-Facilitated Curriculum on Technical Knowledge and Skill Development
    van Bussel, Roy,; Lukosch, Heide,; Meijer, Sebastiaan, 2014
  9. Article in edited volume
    All Rise! Multiple Perspectives on Serious Game Evaluation
    Lukosch, Heide,; Warmelink, Harald,; Kortmann, Rens, 2013