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  1. Article in edited volume
    The Evaluation of a discipline: A Framework for Evaluatiing Simulation Games
    Peters, Vincent,; Everwijn, Hayke,; Westelaken, Marleen van de, 2014
  2. Request for copy Article in edited volume
    Considerations, Choices and Decisions In The Game Design Process
    Westelaken, Marleen van de,; Peters, Vincent,; Boomsma, Suzanne, 2011
  3. Full text available Article in edited volume
    Encounters of a safe environment in simulation games
    Hijmans, Ellen,; Peters, Vincent,; Westelaken, Marleen van de,; Heldens, Jeannette,; Gils, Angeline van, 2009
  4. Edited volume
    Organizing and Learning through Gaming and Simulation The 38th Conference
    Peters, Vincent (Hg.),; Westelaken, Marleen van de (Hg.), 2007
  5. Request for copy Article in edited volume
    Designing and Using Gaming Simulations for Large Groups of Participants
    Peters, Vincent,; van der Hijden, Pieter,; Westelaken, Marleen van de, 2001