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  1. Article in edited volume
    Learning Change Management by Using a Business Simulation Game A Portuguese-German Partnership
    Elger, Martin,; Bertuzi, Rui,; Silva, Paulino,; Göppner, Ralf, 2018
  2. Article in edited volume
    Computer- oder Brettspiel Entwicklungen am Beispiel des Planspieles D-CITE
    Freese, Maria,; Mühlhausen, Thorsten,; Schier, Sebastian, 2018
  3. Article in edited volume
    Assessing the Residential Energy Rebound Effect by Means of a Serious Game
    Garcia, Oscar Garay,; van Daalen, Els,; Chappin, Emile,; van Nuland, Bas,; Mohammed, Iman,; Enserink, Bert, 2018
  4. Article in edited volume
    Development of BASE Manufacturing Business Board Game
    Hamada, Ryoju,; Kaneko, Tomomi,; Hiji, Masahiro, 2018