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Design-based Research.

Knogler, Maximilian (2018):

Blending Simulation Game Design with Research on Motivation.

In: Christian Hühn; Birgit Zürn; Sebastian Schwägele; Sarah Hofmann; Friedrich Trautwein (ed.): Planspiele - Analyse und Wirkungen. Rückblick auf den Deutschen Planspielpreis 2015 und 2017. Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH (ZMS-Schriftenreihe, 9), p. 47 - 52.

This contribution provides an example on how to effectively combine the development of a simulation game with educational research that is scientifically relevant. The research presented here is based on the dissertation thesis “Investigating Student Interest in the Context of Problem-based Learning. A design-based research study”. Following a design-based research approach, the author iteratively developed a simulation game in order to investigate models of problem-based learning and interest development. As a result, the research yielded both, a user-friendly and effective simulation game design and scientifically relevant findings on the development of interest in the context of problem-based learning. Finally, this contribution recommends design-based research as a promising approach to advance research and practice together in a single project.


problem-based, Learning, Design-based, Research, Simulation, Game

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