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Learning Change Management by Using a Business Simulation Game.

Elger, Martin; Bertuzi, Rui; Silva, Paulino; Göppner, Ralf (2018):

A Portuguese-German Partnership.

In: Christian Hühn; Sebastian Schwägele; Birgit Zürn; Daniel Bartschat; Friedrich Trautwein (ed.): Planspiele - Interaktion gestalten. Über die Vielfalt der Methode. Norderstedt: Books on Demand GmbH (ZMS-Schriftenreihe, Band 10), p. 159-172.

Change management is a very complex issue, because it lies on items that cannot
be quantifiable and sometimes it is not possible to document as well. However, it is
recognized that it is a topic of paramount importance in the present day context, as it
impacts profoundly on people that work in organizations. In this study, we present an
experience in which students had the opportunity to improve their skills in terms of
change management. Therefore a business simulation game was used, in a partnership between two higher education institutions from Portugal and Germany. The partners are ISCAP/IPP, Portugal and Baden-Württemberg Cooperative State University, Germany. The experience took place at ISCAP/IPP, Porto during several editions over the last years. A qualitative research approach was used, mainly observation and semi-structured interviews. In this Change Management Game, students need
to consider some important issues, such as regional differences between companies, staff functions or even hidden agendas of some staff members.


Change, Management, Business, Simulation, Game, Portugal, Germany, ISCAP/IPP, Research

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