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Towards Playful Organizations.

Warmelink, Harald (2013):

How online gamers organize themselves (and what other organizations can learn from them). Enschede: Gildeprint Drukkerijen.

ISBN: 978-90-79787-51-7

Ausgezeichnet mit dem Deutschen Planspielpreis 2015 (Sonderpreis, Kategorie Dissertationen) Aus der Laudatio: "Harald’s thesis with the title “Towards Playful Organizations” impressed the jury not only with its creative approach to research, academic rigor, originality of the research question and contributions to enhancing our understanding of the organization of online gaming communities but also in terms of its breadth. The thesis brings together very different scientific traditions in an interdisciplinary fashion. It cuts across the fields of (game) design, digital media, management, communication and organizational studies. Amongst the tensions that naturally arise in such constellation, Harald’s findings offer new insights and perspectives. [...] Harald truly deserves this prize for a significant contribution to knowledge in the field of gaming simulations and on behalf of the jury I like to congratulate him on this achievement. I do hope we can hear from him (and not his AVATAR) tomorrow morning more details about his research. I am certain this will not be the last we have seen of Harald." (Dr. Andrea Frank, Mitglied der Jury (18.06.2015))


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