FAQ regarding the German Simulation And Gaming Award

What do you think is a simulation game?

Within the academic debate there have been many attempts to define the method “Gaming Simulation”. At present there is no generally accepted definition. The basic concept as defined for the German Simulation And Gaming Award is a learning method offering an environment close to reality to the participants. There they get the chance making experiences together in a conflictual and problem based situation.

Can I already apply for the next round of the German Simulation And Gaming Award?

Yes. You can apply for the award at any time. If all formalities are complied with your theses will be considered at the next round automatically. In case, please do not hesitate to contact us.

Is it possible to enter group, project and seminar work?

The German Simulation And Gaming Award is presented for academic final theses all about the topic of simulation games. Therefore, should a project have been conducted and processed academically, and have been handed in as a final thesis at a European University or College, it is possible to apply with this thesis.

I presented my thesis at a European university outside Germany. Can I participate?

The answer is a clear “YES”. We are delighted to accept theses from European universities, however, they have to be presented in English or German.

How can I support the German Simulation And Gaming Award?

We are very pleased that the project “German Simulation And Gaming Award” appeals to you. There are various options how you could support us. Please contact us.

I would like to report on the German Simulation And Gaming Award. Whom can I contact?

Please contact our department Hochschulkommunikation (University Communications).

Your question was not listed? In that case, please feel free to contact us.