The Jury

The selection of the prize winners from the entered academic theses requires a top-class jury.
The jury of the German Simulation And Gaming Award consisted 2019 of representatives from different academic institutions and experienced professionals with an interdisciplinary background:

Dr. Andrea Frank

University Cardiff, Senior Lecturer in Planning and Urban Design

  • Teaching on Sustainable Urban Design, English for Planners and International Planning Principles
  • Cooperative, self-directed and experimental learning
  • Development/Application of simulation games in research and urban/enviromental planning
Prof. Dr. Willy Kriz

Prof. Dr. Willy Kriz

FH (Polytechnic) Vorarlberg, University of Applied Sciences, Professor for Human Resource Management

  • Founder member of SAGSAGA
  • Development and realization of simulation games
  • Director of and lecturer at the ISAGA summer school

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Heide Lukosch

Human Interface Technology Lab New Zealand, Academic Staff

  • Media and Social Scientist
  • designing and evaluation of simulation games for complex systems
  • Board member of ISAGA, member of the Academic Committee of SAGSAGA
Dr. Stefan Rappenglück

Prof. Dr. Stefan Rappenglück

Professorship for Political Science/European Studies at the University of Applied Sciences Munich

  • Developer and trainer
  • Research and multiple publications concerning also educational-didactic aspects of the simulation game method
  • Conferral of Doctorate on the subject of Simulation Games

Dr. Sebastian Schwägele

Playful Insights GbR, Owner, Managing Partner

  • Facilitation of change processes using playful and visual methods
  • Research and publication activities focussing didactical aspects of simulation and gaming
  • Board member of SAGSAGA
Prof. Dr. Friedrich Trautwein

Prof. Dr. Friedrich Trautwein (Chair)

DHBW Stuttgart, Academic Head of the ZMS

  • Certified simulation game supervisor
  • Research concerning also educational-didactic aspects of the simulation game method
  • Conferral of Doctorate on the subject of “Occupational Decision-Making and Responsibility as Objective of Studies”
Dipl. Soz. Eric Treske

Dipl. Soz. Eric Treske

intrestik, Owner

  • Organisation and Simulation Games
  • Board member of SAGSAGA
  • Design and customisation of simulation games for use in personnel and organisational development

The submitted theses will be judged by the jury according to generally accepted academic criteria (especially relevance with regard to context and added value for the sciences and / or professionals). Deliberations will not be public and selection decision is final. The winners will be informed in writing immediately (no later than 3 weeks before the Award Ceremony).