Review of the Award 2010

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With the presentation of the award on 3rd February 2010 on the 26th European Simulation Game Forum within the framework of the LearnTec in Karlsruhe the first competition year of the German Simulation And Gaming Award ended. In front of a large and interested professional audience the happy winners received an attractive prize package, which among other things contained a monetary prize and a biennial free membership in SAGSAGA. Subsequently they presented the core content of their excellent theses.

Awardees 2010

Awardees 2010: Jasmin Raffoul, Sebastiaan Meijer, Johanna Braukmann, Bodo von der Heiden, Julia Hübsch

Even in its first year the German Simulation And Gaming Award was able to take a big step toward achieving its goal. Almost twenty theses from four countries (Germany, Austria, Switzerland and the Netherlands), various faculties (economics, educational science, psychology, political science, teaching, medicine and computer science) and different degrees (Diploma, Masters, Bachelor, State Examination and Accreditation degrees) were entered. Furthermore two dissertations were presented.
“We are delighted about such a great response in only the first year. This proves that the Award is an important component for further developing the teaching and learning method of simulation games and for encouraging the debate”, said Prof. Dr. Friedrich Trautwein, chairperson of the Jury and the academic head of the Zentrum für Managementsimulation (Centre for Management Simulation) of the DHBW Stuttgart.
The wide range of the presented theses highlights the necessity for an increased academic exchange and the connected relevance of the German Simulation And Gaming Award.  They all emphasize active academic research on this topic. The findings of this work can now be included in further academic discussions.
You can find information (in German) regarding the theses of the award winners here.

"Three years later" - Interview with the Awardee of the German Simulation And Gaming Award 2010