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The Prize Package

Three final theses will be awarded a prize. Furthermore a special prize can be awarded for dissertations, habilitations or comparable post-doctoral theses. Your participation is worth it. Under the heading "Starter Kit for young academics" we have put together an attractive prize package:

Seed Capital

As the winner of the German Simulation And Gaming Award 2023 you receive lucrative prize money: 1.000 € for the first place, 750 € for the second place and 500 € for the third place. The special prize is endowed with 1.000 €.

The 2023 prize money was donated by the Dieter Schwarz Foundation.

Presentational Platform

The prize winners are invited to present their results to an interested professional audience at the European Simulation And Gaming Forum. For the winners the entrance is free of charge. The award ceremony takes place 17th of June 2021 at the European Simulation And Gaming Forum - this year as an online meeting.


The winners receive a biennial free membership in SAGSAGA (German speaking Simulation and Gaming Association) respectively ISAGA (International Simulation And Gaming Association), the entrance ticket to a network of interested scientists and professionals. All other applicants are free of charge for one year.


For especially outstanding theses the ZMS will enable free publication in the ZMS-owned series. Likewise, selected aspects of work submitted by other applicants that are of interest to the simulation community can also be published.