Our service package

The teaching staff of the Business School of DHBW can use the whole service of the ZMS (Centre for Management Simulation). The offer reaches from the provision of a single simulation game to comprehensive consultation and an "All-In-Service" including rooms and – if necessary – seminar facilitators.

S&G Seminars

Methodical impulses and innovative ideas are characteristic for the portfolio of the ZMS. The multi-variant offering of different simulation games is the common theme of the seminar concepts, though they are complemented by further methodical components. For this purpose, the ZMS develops special didactical concepts and training modules, which are attuned for the simulation game use. Apart from creative standard solutions the ZMS also develops solutions for special fields of applications.



How to edit a difficult topic in an interesting way? How to incorporate a simulation game seminar in an existing module plan? How to optimize the evaluation of proceedings in a simulation game seminar? The ZMS helps to find answers for these and further more questions. We are point of contact for the staff of DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University), our network of facilitators and for interested persons of other organizations as well. Do you want to make use of our consulting service?  Contact us here


Facilitator network and training offer

An important element for the warranty of a high-quality range of seminars at DHBW Stuttgart is the maintaining and enhancing of the network of qualified facilitators. With a wide range of training courses, interested people are introduced to get knowledge of new simulation games. The exchange of experiences with simulation games out of the existing portfolio is also promoted and we are acquiring comprehensively methodical and didactical ideas.


Rooms and infrastructure

More than 500 m² of flexible seminar- and group rooms at the ZMS are at your disposal. They provide ideal conditions for diverse, interactive and experiential learning. The equipment is conceived and composed particularly for the use of simulation games. The modern and high-quality media equipment leaves nothing to be desired. The mobile seminar equipment completes our offering.


Portfolio of S&G

The simulation game portfolio of the ZMS is distinguished by its big variety. Methodically, it ranges from computer-based over hybrid to haptic forms. With more than thirty, mostly business-oriented simulation games, suitable solutions for many questions are available. The ZMS assumes the acquisition and the administration of the licenses for the DHBW.