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S&G Seminars

The ZMS is characterised by methodological and content-related diversity.  With more than fourty, mostly business-oriented simulation games, suitable solutions for many questions are available. 

In the following, we would like to present our concept for the meaningful use of business games in the curriculum.

Seminars for the first year of study

For the first year of study, we offer various introductory and basic seminars. Haptic business games are particularly suitable for this. For the curriculum module "Fundamentals of Business Administration", there are many basic games that provide an initial introduction to economic topics. These include four board games from the company BTI (BTI Factory, BTI Global Strategy, BTI Hospital Akut and BTI Store Manager) as well as coludo, CAPSIM Core and TOPSIM EasyManagement. The possible applications vary from 4 to 24 units.

Seminars for advanced students

In the middle of the study period (2nd - 4th semester), special topics are often studied in depth. For this purpose, we offer subject-specific business games. These include topics like project management, logistics and marketing. However, business games are also available for very specific courses of study, such as insurance management or healthcare. The most frequently used game in this study phase is our 'Agile MemoGame Development', in which product development is experienced interactively through the SCRUM process.

Interconnecting seminars

For the last Bachelor's degree year, the ZMS offers various interconnecting seminar concepts. The aim of these is to bring together the content of various business administration and strategic topics in business management during the course of study. This makes it possible to recognise the interconnections and the "big picture". In addition, competences such as dealing with complexity, critical thinking, judgement and decision-making are developed. Our flagship TOPSIM General Management is used, but also Going Global, Universal Banking, Scale Up and Hospital Management.

Advanced Seminars for the end of the degree programme

Also at the end of the degree programme, we offer advanced business game seminars that focus on the time after completion of the bachelor's degree. The seminars on the topics of change management or business organisation, for example, are very successful. Here, the focus lies on the so-called methodological competences.