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  1. Volltext verfügbar Beitrag in Sammelband
    Games for Health Professionals to Improve Crisis Communication Skills “The Ghost Map” and “The Mystery of Wai-Wai Nursing Home”
    Kikkawa, Toshiko,; Kato, Fumitoshi,; Nakamura, Mieko,; Shigematsu, Mika,; Sugiura, Junkichi,; Nagaoka, Takeru, 2012
  2. Volltext verfügbar Beitrag in Sammelband
    How to Apply „Learning by Gaming“ to the Worksite Training Program for City Officials on Communication in Health Crises
    Nakamura, Mieko,; Kikkawa, Toshiko,; Shigematsu, Mika,; Sugiura, Junkichi,; Kato, Fumitoshi,; Nagaoka, Takeru, 2012
  3. Sammelband
    Gaming, Simulations, and Society Research Scope and Perspective
    Shiratori, Rei (Hg.),; Arai, Kiyoshi (Hg.),; Kato, Fumitoshi (Hg.), 2005