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Bielecki, Witold; Gandziarowska-Ziołecka, Jagoda; Pikos, Anna; Wardaszko, Marcin (Hg.) (2012):

Facing the Challenges of the Globalizing World with the Use of Simulation and Gaming. ISAGA-Conference 2011. Warsaw: Poltext Ltd..

ISBN: 978-83-7561-212-7


Verfahren, ISAGA, Tagungsband, Planspiel, Konferenz, Proceedings, Conference

Beiträge des Sammelbands:

  1. Gandziarowska-Ziołecka, Jagoda  
  2. Średnicka, Joanna; Berezowska, Nel; Wenzler, Ivo  
  3. Bielecki, Witold  
  4. Wilk, Witold  
  5. Corrêa, Fernando; Barçante, Luiz; Alves, Carmelita  
  6. Motzeu, Mihail  
    New Product
    An Integrated Simulation Game In Business
    S. 63-75
  7. Bagdonas, Eugenijus; Patasiene, Irena; Patasius, Martynas; Zaukas, Grazvidas  
    Extension of Computer Business Game
    Connection with Real Market
    S. 77-83
  8. Schwägele, Sebastian; Zürn, Birgit  
    Dealing with Challenges of a Globalised World
    Conclusions of a Research Project
    S. 85-98
  9. Koops, Martijn  
  10. Dražilová Fialová, Dana  
    Social Studies Simulations
    A Challenge for the Competences of Not Only the Czech Students
    S. 107-114
  11. Gandziarowska-Ziołecka, Jagoda; Jarosiński, Wojciech  
  12. Kriz, Willy C.; Auchter, Eberhard  
  13. Sznajder, Patrycja  
  14. Harteveld, Casper; Bekebrede, Geertje; Lo, Julia; Pomper, Albert-Jan; Jordaan, Bruno  
    Make It Fun or Real
    Design Dilemmas and Their Consequences on the Learning Experience
    S. 153-164
  15. Coleman, Douglas  
  16. Deenen, Rutger; Wenzler, Ivo; Muijen, Sander van  
  17. Deenen, Rutger; Wenzler, Ivo; van Muijen, Sander  
  18. Chmura, Joanna  
  19. Tomaszewski, Filip  
  20. Meijer, Sebastiaan; Poelman, Ronald  
  21. Deenen, Rutger; Wenzler, Ivo; Helmer, Sjoerd  
  22. Klimczak, Karol; Pikos, Anna; Wardaszko, Marcin  
    The Use of Risk Information by Investors
    A Simulation Study
    S. 235-241
  23. Nakamura, Mieko; Kikkawa, Toshiko; Shigematsu, Mika; Junkichi, Sugiura; Kato, Fumitoshi; Nagaoka, Takeru  
    How to Apply „Learning by Gaming“ to the Worksite
    Training Program for City Officials on Communication in Health Crises
    S. 245-254
  24. Kikkawa, Toshiko; Kato, Fumitoshi; Nakamura, Mieko; Shigematsu, Mika; Junkichi, Sugiura; Nagaoka, Takeru  
    Games for Health Professionals to Improve Crisis Communication Skills
    “The Ghost Map” and “The Mystery of Wai-Wai Nursing Home”
    S. 255-262
  25. Palavalli, Bharath; Krishna, Harsha; Hoysala, Onkar; Subrahmanian, Eswaran  
  26. Meijer, Sebastiaan; den Hengst, Marielle; Bekebrede, Geertje  
    Training Adjunct Commissionaires of Police in an Open Simulation
    Methodological Challenges from a Politically Sensitive Case
    S. 273-285
  27. Kuvshinikov, Joseph  
  28. Patasius, Juozas; Patasiene, Irena; Patasius, Martynas  
  29. Mohammed, Iman; Pruyt, Erik  
    Gaming to Speed Up Energy Transition
    From Experiments to Multi-actor Systems Gaming
    S. 303-314

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