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Klabbers, Jan; Scheper, Willem J.; Takkenberg, Cees; Crookall, David (Hg.) (1989):

On the Improvement of Competence in Dealing with Complexity, Uncertainty and Value Conflicts. ISAGA-Conference 1988. : Pergamon Press.

ISBN: 0-08-037115-9


ISAGA, Proceedings, Conference, Konferenz

Beiträge des Sammelbands:

  1. Freeman, James M.  
  2. Faria, Anthony; Witheley, T. Richard  
  3. Lobuts, John  
    Dysfunctionalism in American management systems:
    management mania in corporate America
    S. 146-154
  4. Bates, Erica; Christopher, Elizabeth; Moore, Barry  
  5. Takkenberg, Cees  
  6. Underwood, Steven  
  7. Polic, Marijo; Wenzler, Ivo  
  8. Sackson, Marian V.  
  9. Sol, Henk G.; van der Ven, Michael  
    Designing and evaluating decision support systems:
    a group DSS for international transfer pricing
    S. 203-209
  10. Klabbers, Jan  
    behavioural and social systems, design and evaluation of games/simulations, classification , taxonomy
    S. 215-218
  11. Siebecke, Rainer  
  12. Klabbers, Jan; van der Waals, Barbara  
    From rigid-rule to free-form games:
    observations on the role of rules
    S. 225-234
  13. Arai, Kiyoshi  
    A simple method of scenario-making:
    two Japanese cases in community planning
    S. 235-240
  14. Crookall, David  
    Learning environments and communication:
    an introduction
    S. 245-249
  15. Jones, Ken  
  16. Raynolds, Peter A.; Raynolds, Gennie H.  
  18. Scheper, Willem J.  
    Special topics:
    an introduction
    S. 283-285
  19. de Vries, Bert  
    Environmental planning:
    workshop review
    S. 286-291
  20. de Vries, Bert  
    Learning about electric power planning:
    a gaming approach
    S. 292-299
  21. Schapira, Leopoldo  
  22. Rijsberman, Frank; Baarse, Gerrit  
  23. Bronkhorst, E.M.; Truin, G.J.  
  24. ten Brummeler, Louwrens; van Dijkum, Cor  
  25. Meerts, Paul W.  
    Diplomatic games
    S. 340-347
  26. Saunders, Danny; Turner, Dave  
  27. Cudworth, Alan L.  
    A case study in risk taking
    S. 359-367

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