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The Idea

Every year, many interesting subjects are developed in academic final theses – including various aspects all about the method "Simulation Games". Unfortunately, many of these theses are never published and appreciated, the generated knowledge remains hidden away.

The German Simulation And Gaming Award offers a presentational platform for young academics and highlights the relevance of the topic.

Under the slogan "Your Playground for Outstanding Ideas", the Centre for Management Simulation (ZMS) of the DHBW Stuttgart in cooperation with SAGSAGA presents the German Simulation And Gaming Award. SAGSAGA is an association of simulation game experts from academia and practice from German-speaking countries; it was founded in 2001 to raise awareness of the simulation game method. The international simulation game association  ISAGA  also supports the award.

The award acknowledges and honours outstanding academic theses within the subject spectrum (the teaching and learning methods) of "simulation games" or individual aspects thereof. The theses are to contribute to the further development of theoretic and practical components of the subject matter. In addition to the three prizes for theses, a special prize may be awarded for dissertations / postdoctoral theses.