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In addition to the simulation game licenses, the ZMS also has a large number of tools that can be docked onto simulation games or lectures. These are mainly from the company Metalog and can be provided at any time if required. They can be used to deepen certain technical aspects, they serve to loosen up or are suitable for warm-ups.

Information for our DHBW Stuttgart lecturers: Would you like to lend one or more of these tools? Then please contact us by mail to

ZMS Card Game - "Not just a game."

The idea of the ZMS card game is to promote interaction in courses with simple means. It enables all participants to actively take part in the processes. The ZMS card game is a so-called "frame game". This means that the cards are used with different playful mechanisms in order to convey completely different contents. Thus they can be used flexibly for many topics.

You would like to try out the ZMS card game?  Then please contact us by mail to


The ZMS stands for interaction and playful learning. In our toolbox we collect short methods and exercises that can be integrated into every lecture to stimulate an exchange, to change the perspective, to present a subject in a playful way and much more.

Contact us by mail at and try it out in your next lecture!