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S&G-Award - The German Simulation And Gaming Award

The German Simulation And Gaming Award is presented for outstanding final theses on the subject of simulation games. There is even a special prize for dissertations and habilitations (a specific German postdoctoral thesis enabling the student to bear the title "professor" and to teach at university) and comparable post-doctoral theses. The motivation behind the prize is to promote general access to mainly unpublished work regarding this topic, thereby contributing to the further development of this method. The German Simulation and Gaming Award is presented every two years by the Center for Management Simulation in cooperation with the German speaking S&G Association SAGSAGA.

German Simulation And Gaming Award - Submit application for next round

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The next round has already started. The award ceremony will take place on June, 22, 2023 at the European Simulation And Gaming Forum in Heilbronn. We award outstanding research papers (final theses, dissertations) on the topic of simulation games. Proposals for this round were accepted until February 12th, 2023. The call for the 2023 award is closed now. But: Applications are accepted at all times and are considered for the next round to come.  We look forward receiving applications from all fields of study! 

Conditions and Formsheet