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S&G-Award - The German Simulation And Gaming Award

The German Simulation And Gaming Award is presented for outstanding final theses on the subject of simulation games. There is even a special prize for dissertations and habilitations (a specific German postdoctoral thesis enabling the student to bear the title "professor" and to teach at university) and comparable post-doctoral theses. The motivation behind the prize is to promote general access to mainly unpublished work regarding this topic, thereby contributing to the further development of this method. The German Simulation and Gaming Award is presented every two years by the Center for Management Simulation in cooperation with the German speaking S&G Association SAGSAGA.

German Simulation and Gaming Award 2021 ceremonially awarded

On June 18, 2021, the German Business Simulation Award 2021 was ceremoniously awarded at the 33rd European Business Simulation Forum in Stuttgart. In the seventh year of the competition, the prize was awarded to three young academics: Matze Krebs from the PH Ludwigsburg received the first prize for his master's thesis. Second place went to Theresa Stoerlein from JMU Würzburg for her admission thesis, and the special prize was awarded to Dr. Maria Freese, who completed her doctorate at KIT and DLR. Congratulations!

During the ceremony at the festive evening, the prize winners received their prize package from the interdisciplinary jury. In addition to the prize money, it also includes a publication opportunity and membership in the S&G Association SAGSAGA. Numerous simulation game companies have been supporting the prize for years and thus make a decisive contribution to the further development of the simulation game method.

This year, 13 applications were received, including three dissertations.

Congratulations to the prize winners! But also the non-awarded papers have made an important contribution to the further development of the method and will partly be part of the volume of our ZMS publication series on the DPP 2021.