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  1. Beitrag in Sammelband
    The Design and Evaluation of a Multi-player Milk Supply Chain Management Game
    Sato, Mizuho,; Tsunoda, Manami,; Imamura, Hitomi,; Mizuyama, Hajime,; Nakano, Masaru, 2018
  2. Beitrag in Sammelband
    ColPMan: A Serious Game for Practicing Collaborative Production Management
    Miki, Kentaro,; Yoshikawa, Yuko,; Nonaka, Tomomi,; Mizuyama, Hajime, 2015
  3. Beitrag in Sammelband
    A Swing Select Simulation Model and Player Impression Analysis for Golf Course Design
    Nonaka, Tomomi,; Kubo, Hiroki,; Nishimura, Naomichi,; Mizuyama, Hajime, 2015
  4. Beitrag in Sammelband
    A Prediction Market Game to Route Selection under Uncertainty
    Mizuyama, Hajime,; Torigai, Shuhei,; Anse, Michiko, 2014