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  1. Kopie anfragen Beitrag in Sammelband
    Designing a game about the future of education: A case study.
    Crookall, David,; Coote, Alan,; Klabbers, Jan,; Oxford, Rebecca,; Cocozza, Sergio,; Saunders, Danny,; van Mens, Maarten,; van Mens-Verhulst,,; Piane, Alberta, 1988
  2. Sammelband
    Simulation-Gaming in Education and Training Proceedings of the International Simulation and Gaming Association's 18th International Conference
    Crookall, David (Hg.),; Klabbers, Jan (Hg.),; Coote, Alan (Hg.),; Saunders, Danny (Hg.),; Cecchini, Arnaldo (Hg.),; Piane, Alberta (Hg.), 1988
  3. Kopie anfragen Beitrag in Sammelband
    ISLAND ESCAPE: A decision-making and negotiation icebreaker
    Crookall, David,; Oxford, Rebecca,; Saunders, Danny,; Coote, Alan, 1988